Metro Barrier – Guarding Travelers Home

Metro Barrier, brought to you by the NJM Group, protects and guards’ pedestrians from safety concerns. The barrier is a cost-effective solution, with an easy installation process, ideal for sealing off entry/exit points.

Comprised of a surface mounted bollard and an expandable barrier which extends to three metres, rotating to 360 degrees in any direction, and upon closing reduces to 450mm. The barrier is able to move in any direction due to the in-built swivel system. The surface mounted bollard is one metre in height and 90mm in diameter.

The surface bollard can be made from mild steel or stainless steel.

Mild steel is a cost-effective option, versatile for a range of options, perfect for indoor installations. The stainless steel surface bollard is much stronger, ideal for outdoor use as it provides greater durability, and will not corrode from exposed weather damage.

The barrier comes in a safety yellow and black powder coating, maximising a greater range of visibility; however, it is easily customisable to any corporate colour.

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